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Prime LED Lighting offers energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions as an alternative to the conventional lighting products. Our high quality LED products are used in hundreds of commercial and residential application. Our CSA approved LED strips, LED Undercabinet Lightings (LED Puck Lights, and LED Rigid Bars), and our patented Cove Lighting Kits can enhance the look of your house or your office, used as the main source of lighting, or used as accent lighting. We also carry complete line of accessories, such as connectors, power supplies, controllers, etc., for an easy installation. We strive in carrying high quality products, having them in stock, and shipping them in a very short time. Easy online ordering and Quick and low cost shipping are major parts of our customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products.

We strive to provide a economic, socially responsible and ecological alternative to conventional lighting products.


Advantages of LED

  1.  Environmentally friendly and recyclable (LEDs contain no mercury)
  2.  Most efficient lighting source available today
  3.  High efficiency: 1/10th power of regular light bulbs
  4.  Superior life: 50,000 hours, 20 to 30 times regular light bulbs
  5.  Cool-to-the-touch and no UV rays
  6.  Low maintenance
  7.  Pro-active safety (reduces bulb replacement issues)
  8.  Reduces utility expenses
  9.  Immune to extreme temperatures

Applications of LED

  1.  Home & residential lighting
  2.  Hotels / bars / night clubs
  3.  Under counter lighting
  4.  Nursery / Pre-school
  5.  Art work lighting
  6.  Accent lighting
  7.  Security lighting
  8.  Track lighting
  9.  Motion sensors
  10.  Display Cases
  11.  Desk lamps
  12.  Pool Lighting